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Who is IARWC

IARWC is a Not-for-Profit corporation organized as local business to produce drinking water for several communities and entities a like.  The concept is simple, several communities and entities came together to form an entity unto itself, as to produce and sell back to those memberships of IARWC that is comprised of local communities and entities.   

The whole purpose is to provide drinking water with shared resources for all! The goal is to be able to produce drinking water in large quantity resulting in a lower production costs. This is known as "Economy of Scale" and done properly, is savings for all. That's the goal! To be able to produce your drinking water at local level, with local control, with all communities and entities having a place at the table that controls the operation of production costs.


Legal Documentation

Corporate Structure

By Laws Signed 11-17  - signed copy available upon request

Amended By-Laws 4-20

Appellate Opinion


Progress Being Made

With the meet and greet meetings being completed, IARWC is continuing working towards meeting and greeting property owners as to discuss the water line routing and participation of those property owners.

Over the next coming weeks of March 2023 more information will be sent out to those property owners along the proposed water main route.  Additionally MHE has been hired as to have personnel personally meet the property owners. Craig Thurston or Marty Reynolds are two who might be reaching out to the property owners to discuss the easements required to get the project moving forward.

Alluvial will also be mailing out a newsletter as to keep everyone up to date on the progress being made.  After all, this is a community effort and everyone has a stake in their future drinking water operation.

IARWC looks forward to working with you as the property owner. IARWC is somewhat flexible in addressing the water line route. For more information about the project, click here and look under Easement work. Click here to see the most recent newsletter pertaining to the project progress. 

At this time Alluvial has 99 property owners who have signed and IARWC thanks all those who have.  The project is a community effort and will be made up of local representation from all the different communities that IARWC will serve - an estimated 35,000 in population. This ensures local control of the daily operation.

IARWC will be working through 2023 and early 2024 on securing the easements. Once these are completed, IARWC can move forward in the construction of the wells, water plant, and water lines – both Raw and finish side.   

If you should have any questions regarding the easements, please feel free to contact Seth Elliot at 618 498 7708 or Mark Voumard at 618 259 0935.




Conservation Tips

There are a number of easy ways to save water, and they all start with you. When you save water, you save money on your utility bills. Here are just a few ways...Conservation Tips


Click here for a list of newsletters regarding the project.

Click here for a view of the proposed water line routing.





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